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Whitepaper: Save Time and Money with Automated SEO

Every online merchant faces the same problem: How to effectively grow revenues without bloating expenses. The process of choosing what tools to use, how to utilize them, and tracking their value is cumbersome and difficult to navigate.The difficulty comes from the amount of options available to merchants. The decision lies somewhere in between the over-arching… Read more »

SearchSpring SEO gold

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Transform Site Search Data into SEO Gold

Upgrading eCommerce site search and site navigation embodies the capabilities to improve more than just conversion rates and average order values. With SearchSpring’s advanced administration panel and automated reporting system processing and dispersing site search data into easy to read reports, making sense of data becomes more simplistic. To compliment our primary goal of boosting… Read more »

google seo

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Engagement is More Important Than Ever for SEO

Google’s latest algorithm update highlights the importance of engaging users with a customer-friendly shopping experience. By analyzing page quality indicators like page layout and loading speeds, Google is looking to reward sites that are built for users, and not search engines. The importance of this algorithm adjustment suggests Google will now be analyzing bounce rates…. Read more »