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Faceted Navigation: How SearchSpring Works

In a recent Google Webmaster article, the ‘Goog’ calls out the 5 best and the 5 worst practices regarding faceted navigation. The author, Maile Ohye lists out an in-depth review of what’s right and wrong about each practice in an attempt to educate ecommerce merchants. Ohye even took the time to explain the differences in… Read more »

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How Category Navigation Affects Ecommerce Shopping

Each shopper visiting your website has individual needs. Often, pre-defined product categories don’t allow for consumers to create their own paths to the products they want. Linear navigation forces shoppers to drill-down through product category and sub-category refinements until they’re served product results. This can be perceived as a one-way street for each item the… Read more »

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Category Navigation: Search within a Facet

SearchSpring has released a new facet display aimed at optimizing the functionality for elongated facet options. When a client’s site has hundreds of filter options for different brands, colors, models, parts, etc. displaying these results poorly can diminish the added functionality. To improve this display SearchSpring has integrated the option to search within a facet…. Read more »

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Faceted Navigation Converts Higher

The results are in: The giants of the E-Commerce industry:,,,, (You name it), have all proven that attribute-driven, dynamic, faceted navigation is the best navigation method for maximizing conversion rates of users who browse. Make it easy and intuitive to find the right product, and the shoppers will purchase more often…. Read more »

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Faceted Navigation – SEOmoz Whiteboard Friday

“So last week Eric Enge interviewed everybody’s favorite Spam Cop, Matt Cutts (not to be confused with everybody’s favorite Axe Cop), about all sorts of juicy Googleyness. You can read the whole enchilada over at Stone Temple, or view an illustrated version Rand put together (I recommend you do both, it’s really good material). The interview shed a lot of light… Read more »