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Faceted Navigation – SEOmoz Whiteboard Friday

“So last week Eric Enge interviewed everybody’s favorite Spam Cop, Matt Cutts (not to be confused with everybody’s favorite Axe Cop), about all sorts of juicy Googleyness. You can read the whole enchilada over at Stone Temple, or view an illustrated version Rand put together (I recommend you do both, it’s really good material).

The interview shed a lot of light but also inspired some confusion and questions, especially about how much of a site Big G will or won’t crawl.  If you’ve got a big site, say an e-commerce site with lots of faceted navigation and categorization, this could be a big problem for you. Fear not!  This week’s Whiteboard Friday will show you a clean, simple way to allow for both great usability for your visitors and compact, straightforward crawlability for the engines.”

Faceted Navigation

Faceted Navigation post on Moz

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